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Tire Services

Did you get a flat tire and had someone tell you it had to be replaced? Well, not all tires need to be replaced after they are wounded by nails, bolts and other debri. There are many options from tire plugs, used tires, patching the tire and new tires. Tire plugs are quick, easy and painless that last for the life of the tire. Tire plugs are installed from the outside of the tire and molded to the rubber on your tire with a cement liquid.

Tire patch requires removal of the tire, grinding the inside surface and cemented to the inside wall. Previously, patches were known to be longer lasting than plugs.

Technology has advanced so much that Nytech created a solid plug. Patches are restricted to the flat portion of a tire, as curves will cause an issue of sealing properly.

What is tire balancing?

Tires and rims are not always a perfect match. Balancing compensates for the weight difference of the rubber to the wheels.